Gas Fireplaces

Easy to maintain and operate; gas fireplaces are a clean and energy efficient option for heating your home. Using gas as a heat source means there isn’t messy cleanup from developing soot or ash like wood-fueled fires that also create a by-product called Creosote. Gas fireplaces work with the push of a button so you can enjoy heat on the fly without time consuming clean up. Turn down the central heat for your whole home and focus on the room you use the most with “zone heating” for higher efficiency and a lower heating bill each month. Gas heating is ideal for ease of use and minimal maintenance for your home.

Below, you’ll find the manufacturers’ we carry and the more popular models we sell from them. Come into our showroom or contact us for more information on these models or to see more of our selection.

Luxury Mendota Gas Fireplaces

Mendota gas fireplaces are safety tested to ANSI/AGA standards and come with lifetime limited warranties. Luxury Mendota fireplaces are the Heart & Hearth Shoppe’s most popular Gas fireplaces. Plus, they are customizable with various fronts, doors and other options to choose from.
To see more of what Mendota Offers Visit their Website Here.

DXV Series

  • Adjustable flames and heat
  • Choice of fronts, doors and overlays
  • ANSI/AGA Certified

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FullView Series

  • FireLight accent lighting system for extra detail when the fire’s on, or a gentle glow when the heat is off
  • Choice of fronts, doors, andirons and interior linings
  • ANSI/AGA Certified

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American Hearth Gas Fireplaces

American Hearth gas fireplaces are highly efficient and relatively cost-effective compared to other luxury models. Direct Vent systems separate room air from combustion air through a two-pipe vent system.

Madison Deluxe Series

  • DirectVent Deluxe model featuring Contour tube-style burner with natural dancing flame and hand-painted ceramic fiber log set
  • Options for decorative louvers and doors, extruded aluminum frame finishes and log sets to match your decor

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Visit Our Showroom: 306 Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701
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Professional Installation

Professional installation is available for fireplaces and stoves purchased at our store for your safety and peace of mind.


Professional Maintenance

Our products come with full manufacturers’ warranties and we service every unit we sell.